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Charity Branding Agency

We understand that charity branding requires a careful approach. We focus on helping organisations share their unique stories to establish a memorable brand that shapes public perception, helps fundraising, and gains trust. Charity branding that gets to the heart.

Why branding is important for charities

The charity sector is fiercely competitive, with all organisations facing the same challenge: to establish a distinctive brand presence that captures attention and effectively communicates their mission and values - a compelling message that resonates with their audience.

Branding and marketing aims to emotionally connect with potential supporters, as studies show that charitable contributions often stem from personal connections.

However, we understand that more investment in branding means less money directed towards the cause itself. The key lies in balancing investment in branding with the cause itself is essential for engaging donors and sponsors, leading to increased funding.

Read our guide: Managing a charity rebrand—the essential guide to success

Even with a clear brand strategy and engaging brand identity, regular and relevant communications is necessary to maintain strong connections with all audiences. Research suggests growing apathy among supporters, emphasising the need for ongoing engagement to boost donations. Therefore, investing in robust branding and targeted communication strategies is paramount for charity success.

What we do

Threerooms takes a very careful and considered approach when evolving Charity brands, to maintain recognition and support. We manage successful transitions, combining ambition with sensitivity to ensure smooth changes. We engage with all stakeholders from marketing, fundraising, and leadership teams through to boards, frontline staff, volunteers, and importantly the users themselves.

The award-winning expert team behind many successful charity brands, we operate a streamlined and efficient brand, design and motion studio, helping charities communicate the value of their cause to their customers.

Investing in branding design is pivotal for achieving lasting support. Trust us to be your strategic partner in shaping a distinctive brand that stands out and excels.

Logo and brand identity design

When it comes to recognition, your logo and identity design need to work hard. We craft memorable creative solutions that have impact and are built around your audiences.

Brand strategy and research

Our brand strategy framework incorporates your brand strategy, messaging and value proposition. We’ll identify opportunities for your USP to truly stand out. 

Creative content

From integrated campaigns to videos, we create the content you need to capture the attention you deserve.

Cutting edge design

Whether digital or printed, we'll design and produce your collateral for a lasting impression that drives appeal.

Helping your marketing shine

We specialise in helping marketing and sales teams succeed by providing premium resources that capture attention and builds positive perceptions.

Ongoing agency support

We're focused on building long-term partnerships. We guide you through the crucial launch phase, providing ongoing support for effective marketing and fundraising communications.

With Threerooms, you’re not just investing in a brand and creative agency, it’s a partnership designed to elevate your brand to new heights and cut through the noise. 


"Threerooms has really shown an interest in our cause, and in fact, how he spoke about some of the problems we encounter in promoting a sombre subject and hard-to-fundraise-for topic made us select Threerooms over two other agencies.”


What our clients say...

"Threerooms were my first choice for a rebrand and a website. They are friendly, creative, responsive and excellent value for money."





"We’re very excited to be moving forward under our new look and colours. Hugely impressive work by the Threerooms team; the icon and brand look terrific and we are all very proud of our newfound identity."


Supporting ambitious organisations like yours

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Branding, design  and marketing experts

Gain a competitive edge

Taking you on an engaging and collaborative branding journey, we work alongside you from start to finish. We focus on the discovery phase, gathering insights from all involved in your organisation, from key stakeholders and trustees to management and employees.

By combining strategy, design, and creativity, we help you find clarity in your purpose and proposition, your vision and mission. We distill this into consistent engaging marketing and communications that showcase your crucial, ethical and progressive work to a variety of different audiences - increasingly tech-savvy, content-hungry audiences that expect to be wowed. But something that we never lose sight of along the way is where you have come from, your journey...your heritage.

Partnering with our branding agency gives you access to specialised expertise refined over many years of experience. Whether we're redefining and modernising your brand identity, designing engaging marketing communications or getting creative with a go-to-market campaign, we make sure your brand remains relevant and stays ahead of the competition.

Expert branding agency

Partnering with our branding agency gives you access to specialised expertise refined over many years of experience. Whether we’re redefining and modernising your brand identity, designing engaging marketing communications or getting creative with a go-to-market campaign, we make sure your brand remains relevant and stays ahead of the competition.

With a collaborative approach, we see projects through from start to finish with passion. We deliver on-brief, on-budget and on-brand every time.

Award-winning expertise

Threerooms' outstanding senior team are two-time winners at the Transform Awards and finalists in multiple industry awards over several years.

Working closely with you and your team, we will design the brand and marketing resources you need to succeed.

Featured projects

Creating an empowering charity brand that helps women escape and move forward from abuse.

Brand transformation for a London charity that helps children improve their career aspirations.

Want a brand with staying power? Let’s talk.

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