Whether you looking at a new kitchen, a winter/summer wardrobe, a road trip, or your dream home, collating the inspiration at the start is an important part of the planning process. Branding is no different. In this article we’ll explore how sharing the vision early on has become a key part of the Threerooms brand process.

Inspiration and motivation for an effective brand process

When starting a project, planning is key. When embarking on a home renovation, building a new home, making travel plans and many other things, we seek out inspiration by looking for the parts we like, disregarding those we don’t, exploring what elements we want and need and how best to bring them together.

The rise in popularity of Pinterest shows just how much we like to document our inspiration. Years ago, we might have kept scraps from magazines in files or boxes but the modern equivalent has increased its monthly active users by 150% in 3 years.

Bringing ideas together gives a more rounded idea of what we want and gives the motivation to undertake the project and if we do this in our personal lives, why not in branding?

Within our design process, vision boards have become an important part of Threerooms’ work. Head of design, Chris Lacey explains:

Mood boards offer an effective solution to get clients to the end goal faster. At Threerooms, we explore a series of concepts, ideas, styles, themes, colours, typography, photography, iconography and illustrations – all the building blocks of a brand. This allows us to focus clearly on the most appropriate route. The best results come from face to face meetings and discussion.

Sharing the vision together: a collaborate process

When creating a brand, designers go through a thorough exploration and discovery process before working on the concept. The client will then see what is presented at the end; the big reveal. At this point it’s easy for clients to overlook the detail as they are only just boarding the train and know nothing of the journey.

Creating a brand is a labour of love, crafted over many hours. From choosing a font that looks just right, to finding the perfect combination of colours to compliment each other. Every part is fully considered, but if the client doesn’t know that and can’t see it, then the chances are it will be dismissed or take longer for them to get to a final decision.

Those within the business are the one who have to live with their new brand so sharing the vision and bringing them into the process early on has become a key part of the Threerooms brand process, not to mention a firm client favourite

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Understanding your brand

Preparing and presenting vision boards helps in several ways. Firstly, it allows both parties to explore the key aspects that create a brand. Understanding how a logo, icon, font, colours and devices come together will allow better understanding of how those elements work when the client finally gets the see their new brand.

Seeing examples of how other brands have come together gives the opportunity to learn from their mistakes. Seeing brands that don’t work or seeing how particular elements within a brand haven’t come together well is helpful in understanding the work that will go into their brand and the time taken to make sure all the elements work.

It allows clients to safely explore what they don’t want as much as what they do. Sometimes those that start the branding project have ideas in mind. Through vision boards this may confirm their ideas but it may also explore other avenues they’d not considered and take things in a different direction.

With a little exploring it’s easy to find trends and commonalities within a market sector. From this, you can identify gaps in the market or justify the need to stay with the crowd.

Most importantly, it allows them to be part of the process. Their thoughts are heard, explored and are taken forward to build their brand. As Chris tell us:

Doing it this way bridges the gap between the design agency and client to allow easy streamlining of ideas. The client ends up with a more focused idea. Their great ideas are filtered and justified, helping them see what they need rather than what they like.’

We’re on the journey together

As the saying goes ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’ and vision boards are now a key part of our exploratory planning phase. The success rate and popularity speak for themselves. Vision boards produce great results that everyone feels they’ve played their part in.

The whole brand process is a collaborative one. The end result is not a surprise to the client as they’ve been involved right the way through, there’s no big reveal.

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