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5 things I learnt on work experience at Threerooms

 Kayleigh working at Threerooms

 Kayleigh working on her PC

I’ve had a few experiences of Graphic Design work placements over the course of the year. Some good, some bad, but working at Threerooms has by far been the best experience of my summer and my year.

The work i’ve done during my time here has taught me a few things, some design based, some more about working life. I know that they will be valuable lessons as I take on my final year at uni.

The importance of a good biscuit

I knew that biscuits and cups of tea were commonplace in British offices, don’t get me wrong. What I didn’t know is how important they are. The joy of walking in and seeing someone decided to bring in a packet of biscuits. It would definitely make the morning for not only me but the other designers in the office. Plus, the jokes surrounding a certain biscuit addict made me feel at home instantly.

How little I actually know

I don’t claim to know all about design, I’m not naive. But I didn’t realise how little I know. Small things from the printing process of packaging to making zigzags in Illustrator. Over the last four weeks the amount of new things the team have shown me and helped me with has blown my mind. I couldn’t be more grateful. Realising how little I know has helped me to open my mind more. This I know for a fact will be important as I go onto finish my degree.

The miracle of a good team

One of the best parts about working here has been the team. From the get go I felt so welcomed and included. This was one of my biggest worries coming here so I cannot stress how thankful I am for that. Everyone has been encouraging, giving me engaging work to do and constructive feedback. From little chats with Rosie while I get my daily steps in to After Effects help from Michael, it has been a pleasure. But nothing made my week quite like Zoe’s Friday afternoon playlist. Full of songs chosen to pump you up and get you ready for the weekend. It was exactly what we needed to get through the last few hours of the week.

Working with clients

Most of my experience of design has been working with peers and tutors i.e fellow designers. Threerooms gave me the opportunity to experience working with clients. From sitting in on a client call to seeing written feedback, i’ve found it very interesting. Of course, fellow designers can usually envision what is being explained. When working with clients it’s so important to communicate ideas and provide visuals. This means they can see how the whole project will come together. It can definitely sway the opinion on a proposal.

How to not waste time

When I’m at uni with over a month to do projects it can be easy to spend ages doing a ridiculous amount of research. With more time restraints in the studio I’ve learnt how to do effective research in a short time. I know for a fact that this is going to be important going forward. Long gone are my days of rushing development because I spent too long on research. These are the days of good time management.

I want to say a big thank you to the Threerooms team for helping me learn and showing me what working in a studio is like. And of course, thank you for welcoming me with open arms. It’s an experience I will never forget.

We want to help as many ambitious individuals with budding careers in design or marketing. It was a pleasure to see Kayleigh gain some experience for her final months at University!

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