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Why our agency chose as our agency management platform

Screenshot of a Productive sample project

We’ve moved to Productive as our agency management platform!

A management tool designed for agencies. means greater efficiency, clarity and collaboration for us, and for our clients.

We don’t normally post about internal affairs, but in this post, we wanted to share why we’ve adopted Productive agency management software to work closer, faster and with greater transparency. It’s been a great move for us, and we think you might like to know why.

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Internal management tools are not often what first comes to mind when thinking of writing an agency blog! They are often the overlooked, but essential inner workings that grease the wheels of creativity. We all know agencies run on tools and platforms, they are key to the sharing of knowledge, creative and ideas. They house the admin and processes that take place to ensure that work a) takes place and b) agencies can get paid correctly.

Here at Threerooms, we are excited about the implementation of the Productive agency management platform with all tools in one place. Why? Well, Productive will also allow us to be more…you guessed it, productive! We’re continuously searching to improve our processes internally to deliver better service and increase team productivity and mindfulness, so it’s a win for us, and a win for our clients.

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Clarity for the whole team

Productive will enable us to track time, schedule work, flag and complete tasks, all whilst sharing this activity simultaneously with clients, so that they can see exactly where time is being spent, and why. This will mean cutting down on duplication, improve version control and complex cross-referencing. Clients are also able to access the system, making working with an agency easier, more seamless, and more collaborative.

From our side it will save those working within the agency, time and peace of mind, ensuring that our clients get the maximum value from retainers and project fees.

It gives clarity to who is working on what, and exactly what they are doing. Clients then can see exactly where time is being spent. This detail allows for better decision-making, resource can be directed to the most important priorities, or where value will be most added.

Agency and client collab

Clients can also talk directly to each agency member on a job, so if it is a small amend it can be fed back directly to the designer/artworker. The account teams still have full visibility so are able to step in if needed, but for those smaller changes it cuts down on agency time. It allows for truly collaborative working, where client and agency pull together as one team.

Productive means version control can be handled seamlessly, with everyone involved in the project able to see the history and evolution of a task easily. It means no more searching various platforms or servers to find the right or latest document. In the case of holidays, handovers or even emergencies it is very easy for someone to pick up and continue with a project or a task, everything they need will be housed within the platform.

Better agency management

Ultimately, it ensures that improvement and efficiencies can be made. Budgets can be managed and reported on, how time is used against a job can be reviewed. Time and effort can be reallocated if it feels it is better spent elsewhere, or we can pinpoint problems that have happened, learn from them and put solutions in place for the future.

We look forward to migrating clients old and new to the system and working even closer with them to deliver the projects they need.

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