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Anatomy of a brand: defining your core brand values

Quote "Easy to right. Easier to get wrong. Brand values are a set of guiding principles that affect the choices you make and the actions you take."

As part of our Anatomy of a Brand blog series, this week we focus on Brand Values and how they can drastically affect business performance.

A brand is a personality that identifies a product or service

As the first instalment for the Anatomy of a Brand blog series, we’re focusing on Brand Values and how they can impact business performance. Download our helpful guide for practical advice and tips to help you build a successful business brand.

Get to the heart of your brand

Brand values are a set of guiding principles that shape every aspect of your business. They’re placed at the very core of your brand and are there to dictate your brand message, identity and personality. They affect the choices you make and the actions you take and are the main reason customers will connect with you over the competition. Investing in your brand is crucial if you want your business to be unique in a crowded market place.

Values help shape your marketing goals

Having well-defined values help to create a clear sense of purpose and direction for your brand. They’re so simple to establish but so often overlooked – you’d be surprised how many business leaders know their values deep down, but find it hard to/don’t think they need to share them. What’s the point of acknowledging these if they’re not active in any decision-making process? You must start by defining and documenting each value so they can be used company-wide – forget about idealised perceptions, you need to discover the raw and real feelings that will truly connect your brand to consumers.

Once these are defined, you can use brand values to guide your choices and start to notice tangible results with your organisation’s marketing and business goals. You have to be clear on what you want your customers to know about you, otherwise, how can you expect them to know?

We’ve helped businesses rediscover their core values and produce more authentic and consistent marketing material – download our Anatomy of a Brand eGuide so you can do the same or contact us to discuss how we can enhance your business with a better brand.

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Discover what your core brand values are and share them with us!

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