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Anatomy of a brand: brand vision for business strategy

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We’ve been running a series of blog posts that offer advice on how to plan, implement and optimise your brand. This week we focus on how defining a clear brand vision is extremely important for your business strategy.

When you wake in the morning what’s on your mind? For most people, it’s where they are going, what they need to do and who they are going to see. Isn’t this what a business needs too, to know where it’s going, how it wants to get there and who’s part of that journey?

The brand vision is aspirational

Linked to your Brand Purpose, and key to your Brand Strategy, your Brand Vision states clearly where your brand is heading – your aspirations. Your vision should be a short statement of intent, something challenging but achievable. Sharing a clear vision with employees can have a surprising effect on morale and confidence – it’s a fantastic motivational and inspiring factor.

Having a brand vision gives it purpose and communicates to its staff and customers where it wants to be in the future and what that means for them. It is the association the brand needs in order to meet the business strategy.

Brand vision for strategy

Without your brand vision, you can’t truly define your purpose and values, and without your purpose and values, you’re not setting yourself apart from your competitors. Without your brand vision, you may get lost along the way – you must define a clear set of goals that you can work to and your daily and weekly targets will be better prioritised.

In summary, the brand vision is your inspirational journey to achieve business success. When you know where you’re headed with your brand, you can better prioritise everything you need to get done and determine what you need to say no to and when. You have a clear pathway to achieve what you want to achieve and can organise what needs to be done to achieve it.

Example of a company’s Brand Vision:

“By 2020, through innovation, customer intimacy and ground-breaking product development, ABC Software will be the leading developer of online productivity tools in Europe, changing the way people collaborate.”

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