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Driving our passion – the Threerooms agency rebrand

Quote on a green background "Do amazing work. Make a difference. Repeat".

Since 2004 Threerooms has specialised in creating and transforming brands. Be that through strategy, design or effective marketing campaigns. But the world has changed since we started.

While our core values and determination remain the same, our methodology has not. It’s been two years in the making, and we’re so excited to finally share new Threerooms branding, marking one of the most important steps in the company’s evolution to date.

Here we share the journey and the thinking behind our agency rebrand.

Creating a brand that’s right for our future

Brands play an unprecedented role in today’s societies. In a connected world never seen before, brands help to convince, embrace, protect, empower, connect and inspire. We design brands that make a difference, yet our own brand had become indifferent. We needed to examine and evolve our brand to realign with who we are today.

“Brands are everywhere, and as consumers, we’re influenced by them whether we like it or not. Being able to support companies to have stronger, more influential brands is what drives us.”

More than just a rebrand

The transformation follows a shift in our way of working over the past few years. While our focus has always been on developing strategies for maximum engagement and to stimulate positive change in businesses, the way we achieve this is the driver behind the change.

Our new brand serves to strengthen our position in the market and encapsulate the pivotal changes we’ve made as a company. We needed a strong identity to reflect and support our ambitions and capabilities; our new-found confidence and shift in thinking. Because that’s what we do; we think for our clients and share their passion. We dig deeper, get closer and aim higher. It’s the only way.

We create brands that inspire, engage, empower....

“As an agency, turning our attention to our branding and marketing was a huge challenge – that’s why it took so long to get it right. We’re our own harshest critic, distracted by other projects, and the worst client we’re ever going to work for!”

Our client relationships are at the heart of how we work. We work collaboratively and smartly, to help drive real business results through brand strategy, creative design and meaningful customer experiences.

We take the time to connect, to learn as much as we can and become part of the team. It was time for our brand to hone in on this.

“We’re collectively not boasters, self-promoters or salespeople. Our team produce leading work, but in the past, we’ve remained humble; we let our work speak for us. We needed a new brand that could support new marketing initiatives and increase awareness.”

Being your own worst critic

After a review of our proposition, strategy, goals and approach, we dug deep to understand who we are, how we’re different and what impact we make. We learnt what we excel at and how we best serve our customers. This understanding solidified collective confidence in us all.

“Our old branding had been around for years. Yes, it looked okay, and it stood the test of time, but needed a change.”

We updated the Threerooms brand to fit in a modern, dynamic world. A brand that is clear, strong and unique, wherever and however, you interact with it. At its heart, we’ve crafted a strong, recognisable 3R logomark. We’ve selected sharper fonts and a bolder colour scheme that looks professional, bright and ambitious. The new identity serves our vision for the future and allows us to build on it.

Threerooms' merchandising examples of a water bottle and a hoodie

Launching a new website

Alongside the new brand came a new website. We wanted a digital presence that was succinct while communicating our culture, personality and ambition – it needed to feel more ‘us’.

We’re firm believers of ‘say more with less’, and the website was no exception. With our primary focus being on the great work we’ve done, we needed to present our projects in the best way possible. We’re using video, motion and better storytelling to communicate how we achieved what we did, not just what we achieved. Our audience can now see the minutiae behind every project; the hidden value we provide that makes each one a success.

“Working on your own branding and website reminds you how hard it really is, and what it’s like to be a client. It’s helped us modify our own processes and approach.”

Picture of 3 phones with the Threeroom's website

Screenshot of the Threeroom's website with a case study

What does it mean to our customers?

We’re the same great team, with the same passion for excellence; we’ve just redefined how we show it and talk about it.

We’re more committed and determined than ever to be the very best at our game – and we’ve proven it. As our new brand goes live, we’re working with even greater brands. We’re very excited about the future and our place in it.

We’ll keep pushing for excellence at all times so that we are recognised as a leader in what we do best – creating and transforming brands.

Our new mantra: Do amazing work. Make a difference. Repeat.

Here’s to an exciting future!

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