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Homeworking advice: how we made it work for us

Ian, Mike, Zoe and Lee

We hope you are keeping well and managing in this unprecedented global crisis. To help stop the spread, we all need to adapt our behaviour. We take the health and wellbeing of our staff and customers very seriously so we agreed for the Threerooms team to work remotely at the earliest opportunity.

Homeworking advice – what we’ve learned so far

Switching from office-based working to homeworking can be harder than it looks. Here are some examples of how we have adapted our working practices while keeping our heads.

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Get out of the house every day

The benefit of getting out for some fresh air and exercise can’t be overestimated. Whether it’s before work, during or in the spare time you’ve saved from the commute, make time for a walk, run or cycle outdoors. These can all easily be completed on your own without affecting social distancing advice. On Saturday, several members of our team completed a virtual Parkrun – we can’t meet up, but we can still share in the experience.

Threerooms team outdoors

Make it work for you

We encourage flexi-working already at Threerooms. At this time, we’ve asked staff to take advantage of the flexibility that home working provides, helping them get out to the shops (while we still can) or get access to daylight from the brightest times of the day. As long as people ‘show up’ to the AM and PM meetings and that deadlines are all met, we can embrace a little more freedom from the 9-5:30.

Keep a regular routine

If you’re not used to homeworking, days can easily blend into each other. We recommend keeping a daily routine going, especially in the mornings. Getting up at the usual time and getting ready as you usually would helps you get in the right mindset. It will help with positivity and aid with motivation. As you would in an office environment, take regular breaks, especially for lunch. The brain needs time to recharge at regular intervals. Have you tried the Pomodoro method of working? It’s a proven way to maintain focus across the day. There are loads of great apps to help, too.

Maintain contact online

Avoiding the feeling of isolation is paramount at this time. There are many who feel the mental health implications of self-isolation could be significant. Our team may not be able to see each other face-to-face, but we’re still in touch regularly using online conferencing. We have morning and afternoon team meetings online to discuss work and also quick Hangouts to jump on a specific task. It’s been a positive way for us to chat about our days, retaining a degree of camaraderie and social normality. On Friday mornings we share a virtual breakfast – give it a try.

Separate work from life

Keeping a dedicated office space that you can leave during breaks and at the end of each day can help avoid cabin fever. Everyone needs a mental break now and then, a chance to switch off. By using a separate room it means you can walk away and come back refreshed, plus it also means you are more focused on work tasks when you’re there.

As always, we’re on hand to answer any questions you may have. We’re here to ensure your brand management and marketing campaigns are as effective as they can be, whatever the market conditions. Our phone lines are operating normally, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Stay safe and keep well. We’re here if you need us. Ian and the Threerooms Team

Contacting Threerooms Despite our change of location, you can still get in touch with us as usual. Call 0115 906 1320 or chat via our Live Chat facility on our website.

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