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How Biden’s inauguration is like a good brand refresh

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And breathe. Trump’s term in office has come to an end. Now the US (and world) can finally exhale and move on from a shaky and very unpredictable four years. It should come as no surprise that Biden’s ethics and approach are on the opposing end of the presidential spectrum to Trumps. With a much craved set of values, image and strategy to be explored it is time for the US to start afresh.

But this all sounds very familiar, especially when it comes to branding. Here we explore 3 key steps for how Biden’s inauguration is like a good brand refresh.

1. Be true.

Biden isn’t a brash character, nor is he trying to be. His calm and collected demeanour is certainly a welcomed break for many. He realises that he doesn’t need to fit a previous presidential mould to get his point across.

He stays true to who he is, which makes him authentic.

Authenticity in branding is something that is very important to today’s consumers. Staying true to your brand gives you a unique edge above your competitors. You don’t need to fit into someone’s shoes, walk in your own!

Take time to think about how to align yourself with your customers and up your consumer game – what do they want? What are they after? Most of the time it’s about realising they just want to care. Like leading brand strategist Sasha Strauss once said, “People need to emotionally attach to something. Something to cherish, to brag about, to believe in, to care about, to emotionally get behind.” You are unique. So show your customers that you care in a way that is unique to you.

It is just as important as the services, or products, you offer. Bravo you.

2. Be smart.

Don’t go in all guns blazing. Take a moment. Be Biden. His level-headed and collected approach is something the US is craving. A considered strategy is key for ensuring a well placed and planned approach.

Firstly, make them achievable. There’s no point having your head in the clouds wasting time and energy. Make your brand goals realistic. Ones you can stick to. Once they are set in place you will have more clarity and determination knowing that your goals are in easy reaching distance.

Secondly, make sure you set deadlines. That great plan of action of yours isn’t going to happen over night. Even the most ambitious of plans can be achieved if they are broken down into edible sized chunks!

Be brave and work towards your goals. Step by step you’ll feel more motivated and begin to benefit from the progression.

3. Be your values.

Values are something that seem overlooked, yet they are possibly the biggest success factor in branding. Take a moment to think about your favourite company or product. Now ask yourself why you like it? Often it’s things like ‘it’s the best quality’ or ‘they’re always reliable’. Well, just like we’ve seen with the elections, sticking to your values are key for building credibility.

Setting your brand values based on who you are, your beliefs, your personality are key for strengthening your image and reputation.

Having this consistency literally rubs off on your customers! They’ll feel good buying or using your services or product, they’ll get behind you and believe in you. They’ll begin to feel good about aligning themselves with your brand. Win win!

So what can we take from Biden’s introduction into presidency? Turns out that even the simplest of approaches are the right ones.

Don’t overcomplicate your brand. Be smart, be true, and the rest should fall into place.

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