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How your office branding can inspire staff and excite customers

Picture of a lime-coloured couch with a whilte wall with sketches

When the average person spends a 3rd of their life at work, it’s important that the office is inspiring, comfortable and an enjoyable place to be. When people visit, they are building an impression of your company, so office branding is essential in making your environment a good experience for staff and customers alike, to truly connect with your brand.

We hear about new brands all the time, and see stunning visuals with them applied to a new website, brochure, or swanky business card. However, we don’t often see much in the way of buildings and interior branding. Yes, you probably stick up a new sign and you might be lucky enough to get some new chairs and carpets, but is this enough to showcase your brand?

Office branding is expensive? It doesn’t have to be…

You’re probably thinking ‘I don’t have the budget of a Fortune 500 company’ right? Well you’d be surprised at the clever solutions we can provide. You don’t have to revamp the whole space in one go, concentrate on key areas like the main entrance, reception and key meeting rooms. Adding key statement walls to showcase your logo and company values can really lift a dull entrance. Think about a screen with a company video, showcasing what you do. If you have interesting products, be proud to show them off. Also don’t forget your heritage and history, although you know your company inside out, your clients don’t. Tell them about it through your office interior.

A positive experience

Even the simple things can really improve an experience, for example, signposting where to go, so visitors aren’t wandering around looking for the entrance. Making the trip from the reception to the meeting room a pleasant one rather than through a dull dark corridor all contributes towards a positive environment. Get those branded goodies out; pens, pads and serve your drinks in a nice branded mug (plus offering some biscuits never goes a miss!)

Sulets office - glass branding

It’s not just signs though. Furniture, chairs and flooring can end up being mismatched, especially if you have multiple office locations. Choosing a style for your office branding makes the experience more consistent across multiple locations, and changes perceptions of your brand. Lighting, plants and frames also help tie everything together – who can resist a bit of Ikea greenery!?

Boosting staff morale

An engaging ‘on brand’ work space also benefits your employees, an inspiring environment boosts morale and empowers people to be proud of the company. They start to understand the company vision and values, they become part of your brand. Some simple additions to the canteen or staff room will certainly help towards motivating your team.

Case study

Transforming an international IT Business with new office branding

We have helped Nuvias, a high-value IT distribution brand, operating in over 20 countries with 14 offices across EMEA, do just this. We created a style guide for their offices so their clients are receiving a consistent experience no matter where in the world they are.

Before and after - Empty office and branded office

Nuvias reception desk - interior design

Interior design picture of Nuvias wall with Vision

Interior design - Nuvias' meeting room with blue walls

Nuvias brand guidelines

Glass treatment

Nuvias posters on the wall with inspiring messages

A specialist brand agency

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