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The Anatomy of a Brand: free branding guide

With brands at the heart of modern consumer culture, we all have a good idea of what they are, but what’s under the surface of a really good brand? How can you improve your brand to make a real difference to your businesses?

Cover of the free ebook "The Anatomy of a Brand" by Threerooms

Our free branding guide – build your own super brand

Discover your brand’s true value and create a tangible market difference with a brand strategy that focuses on business success. That’s where Threerooms can help. Our Creative Director has put together a comprehensive guide, The Anatomy of a Brand, to help you rediscover your roots and enhance your brand.

The Anatomy of a Brand Ebook Download Link

Packed with advice and practical tips, you can work from top to bottom or just read the bits that interest you. The guide isn’t based on theory – it’s been put together from years of our own experience of creating and optimising successful brands.

How can a good brand benefit your business?

  1. Branding improves recognition

  2. Branding creates trust

  3. Branding supports advertising

  4. Branding generates new customers

  5. Branding builds value (financial and emotional)

  6. Branding inspires employees

  7. Branding helps generate referrals

  8. Branding provides clarity and focus

  9. Branding states your business philosophy

  10. Branding builds sales

  11. Above all, branding sets you apart

What does our guide cover?

Branding is fundamentally about creating value with customers. To do this, you must know both your brand’s real value and your customers’ emotional needs to create a brand that truly resonates with a consumer. In our Anatomy of a Brand you can discover the following:

Discuss your brand strategy and identity with one of our specialists. Call: ‪0115 857 7571‬ or send us a message.

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