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The definitive guide to branding a SaaS product

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Scalable and profitable, the SaaS industry is growing – fast. The result? Lots of competition, and lots of similarities. Investing in SaaS branding is the sure-fire way to stand out

Why is branding so important for your SaaS product

Largely faceless operations, SaaS companies have to create a connection with customers in a different way, a way that distinguishes them from the busy crowd. The message has to be strong and clear, and it must communicate the core values, personality, and positioning of the company. What’s more, this has to be done quickly – almost instantaneously. When researching software options, people make their initial decision within seconds, trusting their gut feeling.

SaaS branding is a compelling way of standing you in the best stead for potential customers to stay on your site, look further into your offering, and ultimately become part of your loyal customer base.

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Software branding – what you need to think about

When thinking about your software branding, there are certain aspects that need to be considered and approached in a more specific way than other types of branding:

  1. Picking the right kind of name – If a name needs to be created, then ensure it’s memorable and unique to you in your space. It also has to be easy for an international audience to say, as SaaS is ideal to take global.

  2. Communicating personality – Many brands are adept at sharing their personality through their websites and software, but when it comes to SaaS companies, the more personality you can get across, the better. Think about each interaction that a user makes, and without distracting from their primary goal – determine where can you add an element of fun or surprise!

  3. A unique, stand-out logo – The logo needs to be unique to stand out in this fast-growing sector, and also carefully created so that it will work across a wide range of media types. Predominantly, it needs to ‘pop’ on screen but also work on a wide range of media types such as print for events.

  4. What’s your brand’s movement? – Consider movement in a SaaS logo, identity, and user experience from day one. Both physical movement and evolution over time build on a brand’s personality. They are great tools to engage a target audience and attract attention away from the competition.

  5. A strong icon or symbol – A bold icon is an essential part of the logo. It needs to stand up without a name for use on social networks.

  6. Choosing the right font – Fonts are the next key choice to make your brand memorable. Fonts are surprisingly effective in creating a unique software branding experience, and time should be taken to make the right choice in a font that works really well on screen.

  7. Getting the best colour palette – The colours chosen need to be right, so the user experience is not compromised, but the brand identity comes through. Look for a colour scheme that reflects your company’s tone, mood, and target audience.

  8. Think about your users – A brand’s identity for a SaaS product is largely expressed in the UX design of the application itself, but other areas include guides and content that support the sales and after-sales processes. Your SaaS branding should be seamlessly carried through any touchpoints to make it stronger and bolder and ensure your customer’s experience is consistent.

  9. Get your product benefits across – Again, this needs to be done in a matter of seconds. Ideally, you want your USP to jump out – the thing that is different from your competitors’ products, making you unique and the right choice for the customer.

  10. Building a UI framework – This is where you can truly differentiate yourself from the competition. By building your UI framework, you can respond to customer demands. Simplicity and efficacy are paramount – people want a smooth, quick, and easy experience, and incorporating features to facilitate this will be a game-changer.

Get help with your SaaS branding

Need a bit of help? Having worked with many software brands, our expert branding team can help you create a stand-out brand for your software product. Find out more today by calling 0115 9061320 or drop us a message.

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