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The importance of your own brand photography

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Why is custom brand photography so important?

With people sending more time than ever on social media, we’re no strangers to looking at photos of people and places.

Photography is a key part of all your marketing material, whether it’s your website, digital & print advertising or social media. But how do you decide if you need a photoshoot or not?

The common misconception is that photoshoots are an unnecessary expense and you can get equal effect from a stock image. Not true. Having your own imagery is one of the most powerful assets you can hold for your brand.

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People crave authenticity

People buy people and from people. We’re drawn to images of our fellow humans. Heat mapping technology shows our eyes gravitate towards images and specifically to faces.

Potential customers exploring your website enjoy the personal touch of seeing who they’re going to meet or have met before It gives a sense of familiarity. Reinforcing bonds if they’ve met you and making them feel more comfortable with you on first meeting if they haven’t.

The same goes for your offices and products, the closer to the reality the images are, the easier it is to build on that trust.

Having real images of your operation shows you have nothing to hide. Unless you’re a model agency then people won’t expect to see models professionally posed across your brochure, website or social posts.

Transparency and authenticity is what sets brands apart.

The right brief for brand photography

You’ve spent time having your website designed and built, the copy has been carefully crafted, so now you must put serious consideration into the imagery. If all a page needs is a perfect picture, is the phrase ‘it’s close enough’ going to cut it? Having your own photography means you can plan what images you need for where.

A considered brief with the right examples and ideas is all you need to get a good photographer going. Before you know it you’ll have the perfect images for your project and plenty more for work to come.

You don’t need to be worried about using the same image in a few places – not all your customers will see everything you produce. As long as you’re mixing it up a bit you’ll get the balance between familiar and people thinking that Bob from HR is the only person who works for you.

Say no to stock (where you can!)

Stock images carry added risks. Due to their availability, they could be used by anyone. If you’ve spent time trying to create a unique visual identity there’s nothing worse than seeing what you thought was the ideal image for your brand being used by someone else.

A stock image could be available through multiple suppliers around the globe. There might be millions of images available but if you think something’s good enough to use the chances are someone, somewhere, has had the same idea.

The brand equivalent of turning up to an event in the same outfit as someone else is always a possibility with stock images.

Stock images require licensing and depending on the image will dictate how and where you can use it. If you need several images the cost can quickly mount up. With the licences being different it might mean there’s a point in the future where you’re in breach of that licence. Who thinks to go back and relicense when circumstances change? Not doing so could land you with a hefty bill.

Brand consistency

There’re lots of elements that go into building a brand. No matter hard you search sometimes stock images can’t convey your brand personality or story in the way that your own images can.

They help bring a feeling of consistency and through office branding, uniforms and vehicles appearing in them it helps with brand reinforcement.

Think about it, a brand that is likely to hold a cohesive visual identity is more than likely going to stick in a customer’s mind. You’ll firmly have made your place, rather than blending in with the competition.

Go on. We implore you to take the next step and get photography that belongs to you, fits the bill and enhances your brand.

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