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What makes a great logo?

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They are everywhere. We see them every commute, on every desk and in every aspect of our lives. So how do they do it; what makes a great logo?

In this blog we’ll uncover why businesses (of every size) need a logo and what makes a successful logo.

What is the purpose of a logo?

At its very core, a logo is a graphic mark, emblem or shape that visually represents a business. Think of logos as the face of an individual brand. With this in mind, its purpose is important. A great logo must:

  1. Reveal your identity and be easily recognisable.

  2. Look professional to build trust.

  3. Cut through the noise of competition.

  4. Peak interest and draw in new customers.

  5. Convey the personality of the company.

Example of 6 different logos

How to create a great logo

Having a logo created for you business is an important and needed step. It needs key consideration by a professional designer that gets into the mind-set of the business. Understanding how your business differs to its competition is one of many considerations. After all, a re-design or a completely new logo has the power to attract, or turn away, clients.

What about logo trends?

Logo design trends have taken interesting twists and turns over the last decade with many trends simply fizzing out. This can make your business look instantly dated. In recent years, logo design is more about showing the authenticity of a company. Simplification is always a good approach. The more readable and iconic the logo, the more chance it has for recognition. With marketing in mind, businesses are at every social corner. It is key for logos to be responsive. Logos that filter down to show their fundamental elements whilst retaining the overall look and feel is key for recognition. (Take a look below for an example of responsive logos in action. For more examples of responsive logos, check out Let’s not forget that great logos should be designed to last. They should be designed for a reason, not blindly following a trend.

How Levis and Heineken use their logos

What makes logos successful?

As we have uncovered, great logo design now is less to do with following ‘trends’. When it comes to designing, it is more a change in the mindset and approach. With this in mind, logos that reflect the uniqueness, values, history and personality of the company are priority. They need to stand apart from the competition and show their distinctiveness.

Of course, logo design doesn’t just fizzle down to the way a logo looks. It runs much deeper. A successful and great logo must express the brand’s core essence. Be instantly recognisable. Build trust. Become a visual beacon that draws customers towards your brand. In other terms, it must build brand loyalty. The achievement and end goal of every successful brand.

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