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Anatomy of a brand: brand personality

Quote "Think of brands as human personalities. A brand's personality is a defining factor of a brand success."

We’re running a series of blog posts that offer advice on how to plan, implement and optimise your brand. This week we’re focusing on how your Brand Personality can affect the way you present your brand.

A brand’s personality is a defining factor of brand success

As the second instalment for the Anatomy of a Brand blog series, we’re focusing on Brand Personality and how this can impact brand and business success. Download our helpful guide for practical advice and tips to help you build a successful business brand.

A brand’s personality is a set of human personality traits that are applied to your brand – this is really what the brand exists for and what will set you apart from the crowd. You need to identify the characteristics of your brand before you can start any business or marketing activity as this behaviour affects both the advertising and the employees representing the brand.

Increase brand equity with a consistent set of traits

The brand’s personality is a key input into the look and feel of any communication, so you can then craft your marketing messages to convey this and develop brand equity.

Simply put, how you personify your brand is how your brand will come across. Take Nike, for example, their brand represents a person that is motivated, healthy and determined, whereas Lush represents a natural, earthy and ethical person. And we only know this as every touchpoint of those brands consistently embodies these traits, so in turn, it generates an emotional association in our minds. Your customers will then start to relate to your brand more and increase their loyalty.

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Brand personality indicates the kind of relationship a customer has with the brand

To put this into practice, you should start by establishing how your customers feel about your brand. Ask your customers to complete an online survey, or if you’re unable to carry out customer research, then ask your front-line staff or sales teams. Ask them to write down 4-6 words or sentences that convey the personality of your brand. They should be distinctive, authentic and honest. This not only allows them to reflect on your brand but also gives a real insight into how your audience sees you and more often than not, it’s a lot different from what you’d think!

We’ve helped businesses look objectively and establish the true characteristics of their brand – download our Anatomy of a Brand eGuide so you can do the same or contact us to discuss how we can enhance your business by redefining your brand.

Discover what your brand personality is and share with us!

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